Community currencies have gained a lot of public attention over recent years. Social scientists studied the development of different varieties of these systems from different angles.

This bibliography is a contribution to the academic infrastructure of community currency research. It has been specifically designed for those pursuing an academic interest in this field. The major part of this project, the databank, offers different options for searching this collection – by author, subject or through a detailed search.

A small selection of background literature is available in a separate section of this website. These are sources, which do not deal with community currencies, but are important for authors in this field. For further details, please refer to the „principles“ section of this site.

The link section is a gate to other facilities in the area of community currency research. It also provides access to scholarly and „grey“ literature, for instance, small, non-academic journals. This is not a general link list about community currencies.

The major objective of this project is to present a comprehensive collection irrespective of the language or the theoretical background of the author(s). At this stage, the editors have to admit that it is still a long road towards achievement of this objective.

We invite the users of this bibliography to make contributions – information such as sources that might be included as well as comments about the existing structure are welcome.